Understand The Unconnected

Our technology analyses unconnected environments using depth imaging and artificial intelligence to generate valuable, real-time data.

Our technology analyses unconnected environments using depth imaging and artificial intelligence to generate valuable, real-time data.

FPGA Development

FPGAs or Field Programable Gate Arrays essentially fill a gap in the market between ASICs and CPUs. They provide the ability to design specific chip architectures, much like ASICs, but retain the adaptability of CPUs by allowing architectures to be changed or updated much like updating software.

Although they do not replace either of these chip types, they do optimise the development of bespoke systems that require high data efficiency and reliability while retaining low development costs.

NVIDIA GPU Processing Optimisations using CUDA

CUDA is used to develop software for graphic processors and a vast array of general-purpose applications for GPU’s which are highly parallel in nature.
Using CUDA we are able to provide GPU accelerated applications capable of processing extremely large datasets in real-time. Examples include large sensor set reading capabilities, parallelized image processing and trained Neural Nets for a variety of use cases.

AI & Neural Net Development for Edge Computing Devices

The use cases for AI and Machine Learning are growing rapidly and we have the capability to design, build and train bespoke Neural Net (NN) architectures that can run on small formfactor hardware.
This allows AI to be run at the edge, minimising transmission latency and data security issues.

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FPGA Development Services

FPGAs provide a wealth of benefits over CPU’s and GPUs such as:

  • Complex and time critical processing
  • Performing more specific and specialized tasks
  • Improved Latency and Bandwidth
  • Peripheral Flexibility

They are being adopted quite heavily in cloud servers and real-time systems due to their highly deterministic nature. At Sechoia we have expertise in developing FPGA logic and integrated systems to a high standard which manifests itself in our development infrastructure and delivered end products.

Edge based embedded software & AI solutions

By leveraging the latest edge computing hardware, code optimisation techniques and our expertise in Neural Net development, Sechoia has the capabilities to develop bespoke, cutting edge solutions for clients that push the boundaries of whats possible with todays technology.

Having the knowledge and expertise to combine and optimise the usage of CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs also gives us the flexability to adapt the hardware and software to best suit the needs of the end application.

Our Team

Sechoia was founded in 2018 by Tom, Chris and Ben with an initial concept of creating useful applications driven by data from vision. Ben took on a full-time role as CTO soon after, architecting and proving the feasibility of an Artificial Intelligence based system and went on to develop our first proof-of-concept prototype.

We have been expanding the development of our proprietary software and algorithms and are now working towards the creation of our first commercial product.

Christopher Newby

Oliver Donnellan

Software Developer

Leading software development, integration and testing, Oli has experience in delivering high quality code along with rigorous testing and code management expertise.

Christopher Newby

Christopher Newby


Chris oversees technical strategy and business operations. His background involves the design and implementation of electronics solutions for rail, cyber security, maritime and aerospace industries.

Thomas Hind-Valentine

Thomas Hind-Valentine


Managing resources and streamlining the company vision, Tom is an entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses, while also an experienced system engineer in maritime and automotive industries

Ben Janes

Ben Janes


Ben oversees all technological development of business products. For his Artificial Intelligence research, he was awarded the 2017 ERA Foundation Industrial Fellowship for the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.

Sechoia Future

At Sechoia we believe that AI and edge computing is the future of data acquisition. We also believe that vision will be the primary means by which we extract this data from our environments.

The fundamental reason why we are focusing on vision AI is because we realised that our world has essentially been built using vision. Almost all of the objects we interact with on a daily basis have been designed to provide some form of visual information to us. From pathways and billboards to t-shirts and shoes, the data we value is given to us visually, so it makes sense to use vision itself to extract all that information from our environments, rather than embedding specific sensor sets into everything around us.

Sechoias aim is to create a Vision AI platform that can run numerous vision based AI applications to provide businesses and customers with real-time data that can take their products and services to new levels of efficiency and capability.

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